Interview with Eleana Katanu

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In a few words, who are you?

Hey there! My name is Eleana, I am a visual designer in Berlin and an extreme enthusiast concerning traveling, daydreaming and fries with mustard.

When does your interest in photography begin?

Photography appeared to me quite early, on my 15th birthday i got my first analog automatic snapshot fuji-camera, since then i started capturing the sky, trees and my feet but a few of these subjects don’t arouse my interest anymore.


What do you shoot with?

Since 2006 I’ve been shooting with my beloved Olympus mju 1, every day and every night. I carry her with me wherever I go. Since a view months I enriched myself with a special treat, a Yashica T5. Now I got two special friends and a really heavy backpack. The Film rolls I use are mostly Kodak Gold 400 or Kodak Color Plus 200. Depends on my budget.


There’s a continuous style throughout your work. How would you define it?

I would say it’s a collection of thoughts and feelings I try to capture for myself by photographing them. It’s just everything what’s beautiful to me, so I guess I would define it as a potpourri of a conversation and a herbarium.

How is your style evolved from the first time you picked up a camera to now?

I think it didn’t really evolve but refine it a bit perhaps. It’s still the naive, blunt way of showing what I feel enlightened by with, where I see magic in.


What do you like to photograph?

I guess… whatever makes me feel blazing. It always depends on my mood, could be all kinds of edges, food, dusty sallow objects or just light touching all the surfaces of the world but what I really love are plants, trees and nature in every sense. I think there is nothing more interesting than nature. Like really nothing.


Who or what are your creative inspirations?

Inspiration I get mostly from my long walks, the sound, the smell of the streets of the different countries and cities I’ve been to. Ambling, watching the light, drinking strawberry milkshakes and strolling through every greenhouse or botanical garden I can find. This in general that kind of thing. 

To your eye, what makes a good picture?

A good photo to me doesn’t need an explanations. It just documents whatever needed to be said in the most frontal way possible.


We have seen you’ve been traveling a lot. Which is the place that has inspire you the most so far?

Hard to say because every country and city has been so very different from each other and so unique to me in the same time, beauty can have so many forms, its just dizzying.

But if I would have had to choose, it would be Greece, it’s my native and spiritual home, but beyond that Greece is like a purple, magic daydream to me.

Do you have any ongoing or upcoming projects that we can look forward to?

I will keep on wondering so there will be more to come...


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