“Roumania, through 2500km” by Laurent Laporte


I have suddenly decided to drive 2500km through Romanians villages in The Carpantians, Transylvania and the frontiers with Ukrania and Moldavia with my Mamiya7. The result is a a mix of portraits and countryside's landscapes inhabited by farmers, truckers, shepherds and gypsies.


This trip was kind of return to the past when people used old garden tools to grow their own food but also incredible meetings with the gipsy community who welcome me in their unfinished houses (because a finished house brings you bad luck) and allow me to take pictures of them and their families.


After all my travels around the world, I definitely know now that you can't really experienced a country without renting a car and just drive, moving away from the classic places and tourism and just stop whenever you want or find something that attracts you during your ride.


It's very interesting to see how locals far from the centers reacts so differently when they see foreigners coming on their lands, the connexion with these people is so much intense and quicker. Contrary to big cities, the curiosity comes from the both sides and that is why I liked so much taking pictures in these lost areas of this beautiful country, not enough considered.


Laurent Laporte is a french photographer. He shares his life between Paris where he is based and his van strolling the Basque Country and other countries. He works as a fashion and travel documentary photographer but the stuff that he prefers doing is just the in-between, when these two disciplines are slightly mixed together.

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